BalaBali Photography Recent Works

Wedding - Mario & Julia

This ceremony was held at Villa Phalosa, Seminyak, Bali. With an international bridal costumes, this wedding has been in chinnese tradition. Lot of families and friends were came to celebrate. We’ve started to shoot makeup preparation at 4 AM in the morning, trough the reception party which ended up at 11 PM at night. I could said this was a tricky day, because we need to move our outdoor-lightstands so many times, because the rain was so heavy and they “play” with us. Haha, but it’s a great days anyway, the couple are so kind and charming, we work as a team with lot of fun. Congrats to Mario and Julia, may happiness always full fill the days of your new family.

Interior - The Sunset Hotel

Big thanks for The Sunset Bali Hotel management, who called us to have this opportunity for taking photos of interior and some exterior building shoot. Located in Jalan Dewi Sri - Kuta, we've came there in a rain situation :). It's a little bit tricky to do this photoshoot, specially on the bedrooms, because we need to play with more than 2 flashes to avoids the ambient room from being flat, but without changing the intimate mood that offered by this rooms. Our job is only to take the deluxe rooms and the lobby photos. enjoy :D

Events - Laguna New Year Party 2011

Party party party, \m/ We all loves parties … yihaaaa !!!! Lots of fun were held everywhere in new year evening,musics, dances, movies, horns and fireworks can be seen easily, as well at Laguna Resort & Spa Nusa Dua.There's a big party that runs together in 3 venues, Banyu Biru which has a very nice acoustic music show, Arwana which has a cooljazz music performance and a fire dance show, last the great Ballroom which has the most crowdy party in this area, lot of bands, dancers, games and DJ performance here, people's from worldwide were gathering in this room, singing, dancing and playing along with Santa, watch the big fireworks with smiles, cheers, kisses and huges... bye 2011 welcome 2012 and HAPPY N

Food & Beverages of Novotel Hotel

Food … drink …appetite … desert … bitter … creamy … crispy … crunchy … spicy … sweet … and soon. There will be no end if we talks about foods and how many variants of menu that the world has till then. It always be the choosen one, when we've talked about selfsatisfied.We've trusted by Novotel Nusa Dua Bali, to shoot some new recipes of foods & drinks from its master chef. Thanks to master chef, who has teached us a lot about foods and also let us drinks and eats all products for free, after we’ve finished the photoshoot. One word to describes the menus,, “delicious”.. we want moreee,, we want moreee.. hehe LoL

Wedding - Hendra & Vina

Two young architects, met in love. In an relationship for more than 4 years, for sure the understand each others already and preparing their self into the next step of their life. This wedding takes 2 days of ceremony with 2 different tradition. First day was done in Javanese tradition located in Musholla Silaturrahmi Denpasar, and the next day with international wedding ceremony located in Hongkong Garden Restaurant Bali. All ceremony was held in a very sacral ways and may God share happiness to their family.

Wedding - Simmon & Emma

In order to represent BW Photography, BalaBali takeover the job to do documentation of this wedding ceremony. Located in Westin Resort Nusa Dua, the ceremony was helds in the beach of Westin Hotel. Families and best friend are coming to supports them in love and joyness. Around 20 people are participating in this simple wedding ceremony, but they put all emotions and happiness on it. The photoshoot documenting from preparation till dinner with 4 hours. Congrats to the couple

Wedding - Gusur & Raida

The lovers have a relationship around 8 years (well, they are our nice friends from high school!), and finally they completed their journey of love in a union step called Wedding. Located in Kuta-Bali, the wedding ceremony was held with a pure Balinese tradition including a ceremony called Metatah/Mepandes, which one of the ceremonies that must be done by the Balinese people before they get married.

Prewedding - Alex & Novi

Who said that being big was bad??? For us, big is cool and unique. This couple is a pet lover especially for dogs. They are funny and so friendly. The stage was located in in Bali Botanical Garden, Bedugul, We’ve done a photoshoot in an international bride style for around 4 hours. Fun as always, we don’t like to work in a deep stress, coz its affecting our quality of work if we work in negative atmosphere. A funny accident is happening though. One of our team left the key inside the car which has an automatic locking system applied on it. So ??? you can guess it for sure, >_< .... We need an extra hour to take the key out with a supporting help of a children in there.

Prewedding - Indra & Raka II

Taking a break after a formal Balinese costume set and concept, this couple decided to start another session with a casual style. Taken in Mertasari Beach, D'subak restaurant, and Double Six beach, we starts everything by preparing all supporting properties like black sofa and an old black mercy car.Oh noo,, talking about this car, It just reminds me a ‘full of sweat’ time, hahaha,, this antique stuff just can’t be turned on right away, we need to push and force to starts the engine. What an incredible exhausting day, but it was so fun after all. Everyone laughing after that and said “huraayyyy,, it’s works” !! LoL.

Prewedding - Indra & Raka I

When I received a call from them, i never realized who they were, but when we met, a big laugh came out,,hahahaha,, this couple was my seniors at campus. It’s a great story that they are still stick like a magnet with each other for more than 6 years. Cool –serious looking couple, huh?? No no no,, don’t believed what you saw, they are so funny and do jokes all day long, :D hehehe. A formal Balinese kingdom style has been taken by them, and seems suited good on them. Located at Puri Artistik (A3 Salon, Jl. Veteran Denpasar) and Bali Museum Centre which has a lot of venues that supports this photo session, a good weather with soft light also help us much more to do this work.