BalaBali Architecture

Located in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, we are ready to serve you in architectural design and building construction service in Bali. Born as a Balinese, live and study in this lovely Island, gives us spirits and faiths to develop this business in Bali.

We have our standard work of our service, such as:

Design Creativity
Lot of parameter to be creative, but my personal approach in designing a building is a modern-minimalist concept.

Space Functional
The beauty and glamour house will be meaningless if the one who lived inside never felt any comfortable while doing activities. So in our design, form will follow function and circulation inside the building. 

IMB Drawing and Technical Drawing
Its a package of "ready to build" drawing, which is represent building design that already planned, which also can be used for applying permission for house building. 

3D Visualization
3 dimentional illustration will be included in every designing packages to give you more realistic view of the building that we have planned.