BalaBali PuniaWall Registration

Be our next Puniawan BalaBali and Post your Comment and Photo in BalaBali PuniaWall...
We are giving you a chance, either as a personal or acompany to be our puniawan (donors) to support us in development of BalaBali Kalender. Every cents of the donation will help us in maintainance, bug fixing, dan some feature addings. While becoming our puniawan, you can post your comments in BalaBali PuniaWall, accessible by every user of BalaBali Kalender.

Transfer and Registration
Currently, the main method for transfer is available only in Indonesian Bank, which can be made by transferring to:

  • Bank Mandiri - Bank Acc. No 145-00-0795569-9
    (I Putu Adhi Kerta Mahendra)
  • Bank BCA - Bank Acc. No 146-1900-254
    (I Putu Adhi Kerta Mahendra)

You may transfer the amount as you like, and please mail us to [email protected] to notify us with the following template:

  • Name: (your personal/company name - max 50 characters)
  • Donation amount: (fill with your transfer amount)
  • Donation option: (fill with "Mandiri" atau "BCA" according to which Bank that you prefered)
  • Address: (your address - max 100 characters)
  • Info: (additional information such as your jobs, emails, homepage, etc - max 100 characters)
  • Comments: (your comments - max 160 characters)

You can see the mail content sample in the following:

Name: Mas Sendhi Rahayu
Donation amount: $ 5
Donation option: BCA
Address: Jalan Mawar no 3 Kubu, Bangli
Info: Student, [email protected],
Comments: Hi there...

You may decide not to attach your photo. Otherwise, feel free to attach one in your email. We suggest you to have the photo in 85 x 85 pixels size, or we can do the cropping and resizing for you.

As soon as your notification email have been sent, we will validate the transfer. In 24 hours, your post will be enlisted in BalaBali PuniaWall and accessible by each user of BalaBali Kalender, just by clicking the PuniaWall button!

* have the rights to moderate each comment that contain strong and harsh language as well as political issue.