BalaBali Paradise Island Themes

The Island of Gods has been inspiring us to bring the beauty of its nature and culture into your hand, into your own Nokia devices with BalaBali Paradise Island Themes, that consists of 8 colors. The themes set that will show a glimpse about Bali, The Paradise Island.

Our first theme, designed with bright orange feel and Barong Dance in action, as one of the most popular and sacred dance of Bali.

The white-grey of BalaBali Paradise Island Themes that presents Jalak Bali (Bali Starling), a near extinct local bird of Bali.

A breeze of sea with Jukung, a Balinese traditional boat, available in blue themes of BalaBali Paradise Island Themes: BalaBali Jukung.

Bali is popular in arts, musics, dances, and among them is the Kecak dance. Please welcome, the black elegant theme of BalaBali Paradise Island Themes.

Yes, one of the most favourite hangout place in Bali, the tropical Kuta Beach, right into your mobile phone in a purple shade.

Traditional buffalo races of north Bali, Makepung, is representing the brown theme of BalaBali Paradise Island Themes.

Fresh and bright, this red theme of BalaBali Paradise Island Themes brings you strawberries, the fruit of love. Tasty and Yummy!!

A scenery of green paddy fields of Bali in a cartoon version has come to your devices: the green BalaBali Subak. All editions are available for free!