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The Story
At the end of 2010, we had an idea to gentrified the Balinese Calendar system with a simple reason: computer was a common things nowadays. The existance of a Balinese calendar software would ease the Balinese people. It's also our passion to conserve our beloved country heritage with our abilities in Information Technology. The idea was not the first where some online sites such as,, and have been providing online Balinese calendar. But we decided for a diffferent path, by making a desktop app. It make sense since the internet infrastructure isn't very good in Indonesia, despite of its number of internet users. We designed the app in the end of 2010.

Balinese Calendar
What is so special in Balinese calendar anyway? Balinese calendar system is a very old calendar system. Balinese people believe that it was originally from Java. It is a lunar-solar-aritmethic based calendar, using lunar-moon cycle and math in its calculation. In Balinese socio-cultural life, the calendar plays a very important rule. It helps people in choosing the right date and time for specific rituals and ceremony. The first commercial printed compilation of the Balinese calendar system was made by I Kt. Bangbang Gde Rawi in 1960s. Though some years have passed, we thought that the calendar system was still lack on innovations. The guidance (ala ayuning dewasa) in the calendar system was full of agrarian life guidance only, which may be obsolete in current modern living. We are not an astrology-experts anyway, but we're still hoping that our opinion may inspire the balinese astrology (wariga) experts to improve the calendar system.

We thank Mr. I.B. Putra Manik Aryana, SS., M.Si with his book titled "Tenung Wariga - Kunci Ramalan Astrologi Bali" and Mr. I.B. Suparta Ardhana with his book titled "Pokok-Pokok Wariga". The BalaBali Kalender was also tested and compared with three online Balinese calendar sites:,, and Great thanks for the sites-maker.

BalaBali Kalender is available for free! It's a part of our non-profit project. However, BalaBali Kalender is not a perfect app and we encourage each of your comments, ideas, and donation to help us improving the app. 

Regards, Matur Suksma,


BalaBali Kalender project is developed using open source technology: Qt, SQLite, Valgrind, Java Servlet, and Google App Engine SDK.